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People Helping People

An 8 Step Journey to Learn How to Help People Create Real Change in Their Lives!

People are generally eager to help others. Unfortunately, many times we misunderstand what “help” actually looks like. This 8 step eCourse will teach and impart skills and insights that will help you help others more successfully. These trainings are aimed at building skills among professional helpers as well as lay people.

Course Features

An 8 Step Journey!

Receive a weekly email with a class, Q&A, activations & key takeaways to guide you on this transformational journey.

Weekly Classes

Learn from Danny as he offers the key perspectives & practical tools to help people in your life by way of 8 classes.

Office Hours with Danny

Get access to Q&A’s with Danny reflecting on the weekly class.

People Helping People is for…

Anyone who helps people. (Simple, I know!) ANYONE who finds themselves helping people work through problems, whether by trade, passion or hobby! I am talking about pastors, counselors, friends, life coaches, youth pastors, and just about anyone else that is involved with people and needs to know how to REALLY help others grow!

“When I met Danny over five years ago, I was a father that thought he had to punish his child to put them back on the right path, a husband who didn't know how to listen well, and an employer who was much more of a boss than a leader. He not only helped me realize that I wanted far more for my children, wife and staff, but has coached me along the path to becoming a man far more connected in his relationships. I've been blessed to watch Danny closely. He lives by the wisdom he teaches others. Seeing his example time and again has truly changed me, my family, and my legacy forever.”
Jared Cullop

Owner/President of JCI Marketing
Life Academy
Life Academy

A Note From Your Instructor…

I have done quite a few Q&A’s over the past 30 years & there is no other question I get more than some variation of this one:

“Someone came to me with _____ problem. How do I help them?”

So many of us genuinely want to be able to help the people in our lives. But my experience tells me that an overwhelming majority of “helpers” are doing their best, but not creating REAL CHANGE for those they attempt to help; and in many cases are actually hurting more than they are helping.

I want to show YOU how to help create REAL CHANGE for people when they come to you for help.

Whether you’re a pastor, human resource manager, parent, friend or just someone that seems to attract people asking for help, I’ve created this journey for YOU.

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People Helping People

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This track includes 8 classes:

  • Who’s Problem Are We Solving?
  • The Steps to a Solution
  • A Fountain of Unconditional Love
  • Belief Drives Destiny
  • The Power of Pain
  • The Compassion Trap
  • The Blame Game
  • Take Care of Yourself
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