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should not have
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  • You are constantly arguing
  • You feel you have hit your limit
  • You feel disconnected and alone
  • What you have tried isn’t working
  • You are scared of what happens next
  • Nobody has given you a plan

Life Academy has everything you need to create healthy, lasting relationships in every area of your life.

Our courses have solutions to your most painful relationship problems

Disconnection, chronic arguments, loneliness, and anxiety plague far too many of our relationships, marriages, and families. We want to help you love like Jesus—the kind of love that chases away fear. We want to help you live courageously towards the most important people in your life.

‐ Danny Silk

Your path to healthy relationships


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All of my relationships were in turmoil and chaos… Life Academy gave me the tools I needed to truly make a difference.

‐ Julie, Life Academy Member

How Can You Experience Healthy Relationships and Stronger Connections?

At Loving on Purpose, we know you want to be someone who experiences respectful, loving, and life-giving connection in all your important relationships—with your spouse, kids, friends, coworkers, and more. We were all created to have our deepest needs met and fulfill our purpose in life through healthy relationships.

But cultivating strong connection is easier said than done. Relationships are vulnerable, which means we can’t experience healthy connection without also risking the painful experiences of conflict and disconnection. Sadly, most of us end up in relationships where the goal is more about protecting ourselves than fighting for connection. As a result, we end up living in painful cycles of conflict, hiding, manipulation, frustration, anxiety, insecurity, and instability in our relationships.

The only way to build the kind of relationships we want to experience is to become courageous and skilled at pursuing the goal of connection no matter what. And that requires training and practice.

Here’s the good news. No matter what kind of relational dysfunction or pain you’ve experienced, you don’t have to live there any longer. You can grow from:

– Reacting in anxiety to responding in love
– Living in chaos to creating environments of peace
– Being a victim to being responsible
– Being controlling to being a person of self-control
– Communicating passively or aggressively to communicating assertively
– Lacking awareness of needs to courageously expressing and meeting them
– Running from confrontation to running to it
– Being afraid to set limits with people to joyfully setting healthy boundaries to protect the relationships you want to create
– Being shaped by dysfunctional environments to leading in creating healthy relational culture in your home, church, workplace, and community

The Life Academy is designed to equip you with the knowledge, wisdom, and skills you need to grow in becoming a healthy person who can build on purpose the relationships you want to live in. This library of e-courses taught by relationship expert Danny Silk and his team will train you to start communicating, setting healthy boundaries, and strengthening all of your important connections.

Start your journey to relational health today. Start with a single course ($49), or jump all the way in with an All-Access Membership to get access to the entire Life Academy library for $7.99 a month.

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