Life Academy

Online Course List

Dream Life

An e-Course to Dream Big and Live With Purpose

Family Culture Creed

Create a Connected Family Culture and Discover Your Family's Calling

Overcoming Overwhelm

An eCourse to understand your stress, trauma, and triggers so you can overcome them.


An eCourse to learn God’s blueprint for dealing with human messes

Foundations of Honor

Learn the Core Values, Practices, and Effects of Building and Protecting a Culture of Honor

KYLO for Kids

An On-Demand Course for Kids to Learn Healthy Connection, Communication, and Boundaries.

The Path from Betrayal to Restoration

A course for those wanting to find healing in important relationships and learn more about the process of repentance, reconciliation, and restoration.

101 Courses Bundle

Leadership 101, Parenting 101 and Relationships 101 are included.

Let's Talk About it: Parenting Sexuality

There are a lot of places your child can hear about sex. We think the best place is from you.

Successful Confrontation

This eCourse will build your courage and hope to break out of painful cycles, meet needs more effectively, and establish deeper levels of comfort and connection in your relationships.

Priority of Connection

A course to give you tools for helping the children in your life live powerfully and responsibly.

Relationships 101

A course for those wanting to learn more on boundaries, connection, and communication and gain a greater understanding of living a relationally healthy life.

Leadership 101

An eCourse for helping you build and promote a sustainable atmosphere of teamwork, strength, and community.

Defining the Relationship

A 10-Step Journey to Build a Foundation for a Powerful & Healthy Marriage!

Questions for Jesus

Conversational prayer around your deepest desires

Parenting 101 – Updated!

A course to give you tools for helping the children in your life live powerfully and responsibly.

People Helping People

An 8 Step Journey to Learn How to Help People Create Real Change in Their Lives!