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Defining the Relationship

A 10-Step Journey to Build a Foundation for a Powerful & Healthy Marriage!

Many couples rush into marriage without laying the foundation for a strong relationship where both people can be themselves, be known, and build a life together. In this 10-step eCourse, Danny Silk outlines what it means to define the relationship & helps any pre-married couple build a foundation for a healthy and happy life together!

A Note From Your Instructor…

We’ve updated the popular series Defining The Relationship (DTR) for the Loving On Purpose Life Academy. I am excited to pour into the conversation and skill sets of people who are considering the decision of marriage. It has long been a passion of mine to help couples think through the issues they will face blending two lives into one.

In this series, I want you to find courage in two key areas: 1. To look at this relationship with a clarity and ownership of what is really going on in it. 2. To walk into the future knowing the challenges you will face together, or to walk away from the relationship for the same reason.

DTR is an intentional conversation to help strengthen your future. I have no greater joy than helping people who should not be married NOT get married, and helping couples who should be married get married and STAY married.

Please, if you have found someone you think might make an ideal partner for life, join us in the DTR course. I cannot think of a better investment of your time and focus at this point in your life.

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Defining the Relationship is for…

Any couple heading for or flirting with the idea of marriage!
And though it’s designed as a pre-marital process, it’s also a great resource for any couple wanting to cultivate a solid foundation in their relationship, including dating couples or even long-time marrieds.
Last but not least, DTR is for pastors, counselors, or mentors who prepare couples for marriage. You can use it as the centerpiece of your pre-marriage process or a supplement to your pre-marriage toolkit.

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Defining the Relationship

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This track includes 10 classes:

  • Powerful People, Powerful Decisions
  • Living on Purpose
  • 7 Pillars of Healthy Relationship
  • The Goal of Connection
  • Love Languages
  • Your “Normal”
  • Communication Dance
  • Resolving Conflict
  • 90/10 Factor
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