Successful Confrontation

An e-Course To Break Painful Relational Cycles & Reach Satisfying Resolutions

Afraid to Talk About Important Issues Because of the Pain It Brings?

The Successful Confrontation eCourse will teach you to understand who you are talking to, what each of you are trying to say and how to say it. These tools and training will teach you to stop fighting with the people you love and equip you to communicate effectively while protecting and strengthening connection.

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A Note From Your Instructor…

Are you sick of fighting with the people you love? Are you afraid to talk about important issues because of the pain and frustration that comes afterwards? Is communicating through a problem and reaching a satisfying solution a foreign experience for you?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, then Successful Confrontation is for you!

Conflict and confrontation happen in every human relationship, but they don’t have to cause lasting damage. In fact, dealt with productively, conflict and confrontation can actually strengthen our relationships by helping us learn to understand one another, understand ourselves, and communicate our needs more effectively.

I created this course to equip with you the tools you need to handle confrontation in a way that strengthens your relational connections. You will learn:

– The definition and goal of a successful confrontation
– Keys to grow in emotional awareness and lower anxiety
– Guidelines for keeping communication safe, honest, respectful, and vulnerable
– Tools to manage conflict appropriately in professional and personal relationships

Thank you for joining me for this journey of becoming more skilled in handling confrontation well. I am confident that this course will build your courage and hope to break out of painful cycles, meet needs more effectively, and establish deeper levels of comfort and connection in your relationships!

Successful Confrontation

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Lesson 1
Introduction to Confrontation
Lesson 2
DISC in Confrontation
Lesson 3
Managing Your Emotions
Lesson 4
Owning the Goal of Connection
Lesson 5
The Battle of the Needs
Lesson 6
Leaders in Confrontation
Lesson 7
Couples in Confrontation
Lesson 8
Parents in Confrontation

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