People Helping People

An e-Course To Help Others Create Real Change In Their Lives

Are You Hurting More Than You’re Helping?

The overwhelming majority of “helpers” are doing their best, but not creating real change for those they attempt to help. The People Helping People eCourse will provide you with skills and insights needed to help you help others more successfully. You will be able to create real change for people when they come to you for help.

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A Note From Your Instructor…

People come to me all the time and say, “Someone came to me with this problem. How do I help them?”

So many of us genuinely want to be able to help the people in our lives. But my experience tells me that while an overwhelming majority of “helpers” are doing their best, they are not creating real change for those they attempt to help—and in many cases are actually hurting more than they are helping.

In People Helping People, I lay out the wisdom and best practices I have gained over years of helping people solve their problems and transform their lives in the process. In this course you will learn:

– The five-step process for helping someone identify, take ownership for, and build solutions to their problems
– How to help people identify and correct the beliefs driving their behavior
– How to make room for the pain of people’s problems to motivate them to change
– How to avoid unhealthy compassion
– How to keep people powerful and accountable as they solve their problems
– How to maintain healthy boundaries to protect your own health as you help others

Whether you’re a pastor, counselor, coach, leader, parent, friend, or just someone who seems to attract people asking for help, I’ve created this journey for YOU. I’m thrilled that you are investing in becoming a healthy and effective people helper, and I’m confident that if you put these lessons into practice, it will become much more rewarding and fun!

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Lesson 1
Whose Problem Are We Solving
Lesson 2
The Steps to a Solution
Lesson 3
A Foundation of Unconditional Love
Lesson 4
Belief Drives Destiny
Lesson 5
The Power of Pain
Lesson 6
The Compassion Trap
Lesson 7
The Blame Game
Lesson 8
Take Care of Yourself

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