Parenting 101

An e-Course To Raise A Child That Is Confident And Responsible

You Do Not Control Your Children…

Fear, intimidation and punishment are lousy tools for creating healthy responsible kids but they may be the only ones you were given. The Parenting 101 eCourse has tools and training for you to teach your children how to control themselves from the inside out so they can live in love, connection and freedom.

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A Note From Your Instructor…

What is successful parenting all about, and what are the tools you need to become the parent you want to be?

The guiding principle in Parenting 101 is that parenting well is all about connection. The quality and health of the heart-to-heart connections in our families is what creates an environment of love, safety, peace, and growth.

Every concept and tool we explore in this course is designed to equip you to build a culture of healthy connection in your home. In these eight sessions together, we will cover:

– Teaching kids to make powerful choices
-Prioritizing your marriage
-How to build a family culture creed
-How to prevent and repair damaged connection
-Ways to navigate common parenting challenges

I’m so glad that you decided to join me for this course and invest in the health and legacy of your family. I know that if you put the tools you’ll learn into practice, you will see a powerful shift in your relationships with God, yourself, your spouse, and your kids!

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Lesson 1
Introduction to Parenting 101
Lesson 2
Learning to Manage Me
Lesson 3
Staying in Control of You
Lesson 4
Powerful Parents, Powerful Children
Lesson 5
The Structure of Connection
Lesson 6
The Culture in Your Home
Lesson 7
Restoring Broken Connection
Lesson 8
Q&A with Ben & Brittney

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