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If You Weren’t Afraid of Failing… What Would You Do?

The Leadership 101 eCourse teaches you how to build and protect an atmosphere that promotes teamwork, strength and community. Learn to create an environment where people feel loved, safe and free to be themselves so that you can change the world with the Kingdom of Heaven.

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A Note From Your Instructor…

What is leadership all about, and what are the primary beliefs, values, and practices that every leader needs to be effective?

Leadership 101 introduces the idea that leadership is fundamentally about honor—seeing the high value, unique gifts, and great purpose that people bring to families, teams, and organizations, and creating an environment where those things can grow, flourish, and bear fruit.

After covering the concept of honor in the first session, I will guide you through some of the most essential expressions of honor that every leader must cultivate among those they are leading:

– Encouraging people to connect with and pursue their dreams
– Applying principles of five-fold leadership
– Building covenant relationships and communities
– Addressing mistakes without punishment

Every leader I know who masters these expressions of honor in their leadership becomes so much more effective in bringing the best of people to the surface. I am excited for you to get these principles under your belt so you can become the leader you want to be!

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Lesson 1
Discovering Honor
Lesson 2
Why Dream?
Lesson 3
God’s Government
Lesson 4
Spirit of Adoption
Lesson 5
Covenant Purpose
Lesson 6
The Invisible Ceiling
Lesson 7
Unpunishable, Part 1
Lesson 8
Unpunishable, Part 2

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