Whole, Healthy Churches Are Going to Save the World

Strengthen the families in your church with a Life Academy Site License, the all-access membership that allows you to level up your people's relationship skills!

More than ever, we need families and marriages to stand firm.

Relationships are hard. Everybody wants to do a good job with their relationships but if you don’t know a different way you will just revert back to what you have always known. 

We understand that training your people is difficult, especially when most churches are understaffed and under resourced. At Loving on Purpose, one of our passions is to provide churches and organizations with the materials needed to place kingdom perspective and helpful tools in the hands and hearts of their people. 

What Impact Could You Make With A Church Full of Whole, Healthy People?

Over 30+ Years of Experience

With over three decades of experience and practice, we know how to bring strength to the areas that matter most so that your staff, church, and community can thrive. 

How Does It Work?

We get it. Relationships are hard. But signing up for a Life Academy Site License is easy.

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Lead your people through our courses and watch them create healthier, happier relationships.

Your job isn’t to fix anyone- it’s to provide hope and support. That’s how you start making a difference.

Here's What You'll Get

Not sure where to start? Wondering which class to teach? No problem!
We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Choose Any Course

You get one full year of access to lead any Life Academy course you'd like.

Host Unlimited Classes

You can host as many classes as you want. (Even multiple classes at a time!)

Get Ongoing Support

You will receive expert support, an online dashboard, and zoom training calls.

Everything You Need To Lead!

Upon payment, you will receive a 1-year site license to the Life Academy. You decide what class you’d like to host and facilitate, our team will send you special codes to give to your students so they can access the course at no cost. You can host as many classes as you want. You will have access to Loving On Purpose email support and zoom calls to answer questions and learn from other site license holders. Everything you need is packaged in an online dashboard to make accessing your content easy and convenient. 

With a Life Academy Site License, You Can…

Strengthen Marriages

Thanks for the opportunity to make our relationship better with each other.” - Julia P.

Give Parents Hope

“It’s the first time that I feel like I’m parenting my kids well and they’re responding.” - Alicia J.

Jumpstart a Growth Journey

“I grew, I learned, and I changed.” - Jude M.

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Get a Life Academy Site License and Level Up Your People.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Life Academy Site License is $247 for churches under 100 members and $447 for churches over 100 members.

Any! All of our Life Academy relational master classes are available with a site license. We just need you to let us know which course you plan on teaching so we can get your students their course codes. Not sure which course to teach first? Our support team will give you personalized recommendations based on your needs.

Yes! You can host as many of the courses as you’d like. You can host each course separately throughout the year or have multiple classes happening at the same time. You just need to communicate with our team so that we can distribute your course codes to you.

Absolutely! By leading a virtual Life Academy class, you can deliver hope to your class members- from anywhere. In a virtual class, your class members can watch the video lesson on their own before joining a video chat for discussion together.

Anyone can get a Life Academy Site License! You don’t need to have perfect relationships, a degree in counseling or even have gone through the class. All you need to lead is a location or video conferencing tool and students. Getting started is as easy as completing the form fill!

You are paying for the Site License so you can furnish access to the course to your students for free. If you choose to charge for other overhead or expenses you can do so but your students will not have to pay for access to the course your teaching.

Leading a Life Academy course is simple, so extensive training isn’t needed. In addition to an online dashboard, you’ll get to connect with a Loving On Purpose team member who will answer questions and guide you through your class. You’ll also be able to join Zoom calls with other Site License holders to exchange best practices and get ideas. Changing lives is a team effort, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Most Life Academy courses have eight lessons. Each class lasts between 45-60 minutes, depending on the format you decide to use. Typically, classes meet once a week for each lesson but you can structure the class delivery however you’d like to fit your needs.

That’s up to you! If you choose to have members watch the video lesson before class, then you can meet almost anywhere- in a coffee shop, online, at the park or in a restaurant. If your class decides to watch the videos as a group, feel free to host at home, at church, in a library- anywhere with an AV setup and an internet connection.

We recommend holding a class that respects the normal work day (anytime after 5pm) or if you want to do a weekend class Saturdays between 11am-1pm and Sundays after 3pm work best!

Sure thing! Just let us know who your teaching team will include when we set up your account.

A group can be as large or as small as you’d like. You can close your group to the public and only invite people you know, or you can option it to anyone. The average group size is around 8-10 people.

You will direct your class to purchase the Life Academy course you are leading using a special link and code that we provide you. This special link and code ensures that they get the material for free and are attached to your specific account.

Yes! And we encourage that. You can treat leading a Life Academy course like leading a small group, where you study with the group and facilitate it at the same time.

Class members just need to do two things; 1) get online access to the Life Academy (which you’ll provide with a special link and code), and b) attend class.

Nothing! Your site license fee is furnishing individual access for all of your students.