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Priority of Connection

An eCourse that teaches you skills to build and sustain connection with your children

Maintaining connection is the top priority in your parent/child relationship. Brittney and Sheri share amusing stories as well as real life stories which are infused with hope and courage to conquer family connection issues. If you are a parent who needs encouragement, this message is for you. Brittney, being raised with the parenting style of freedom and now being a parent herself, helps bring a multi-generational perspective.

Meet Your Instructors…

Brittney Serpell

Is a skilled communicator who inspires parents to believe the best about themselves and their children, offering hope-filled solutions for every day issues. As the Family Life Director at Loving on Purpose, Brittney brings a wealth of tools, knowledge, and practical experience to her role. Brittney is certified in Love and Logic and worked for six years as the Development Director for the children’s department at Bethel Church, where she created and established a culture of strong communication and team values.Brittney and her husband, Ben, married in 2003, have three wonderful children, and are actively loving their kids on purpose!

Sheri Silk

Sheri is known for building teams with honor and excellence. Along with her role at Loving on Purpose, Sheri serves as Events Director for Jesus Culture in Sacramento, CA. Prior to this role, she was General Manager of the Redding Civic Auditorium in Redding, CA, the largest event venue north of Sacramento. She also served alongside her husband Danny for over 13 years at Bethel Church and held various roles on the Senior Leadership Team. She and Danny have been married for 30 years, have 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren.

Course Features

An 8 Step Journey!

Each class has a video,  study guide,  activations & key takeaways to guide you on this transformational journey.

Weekly Classes

Learn from Brittney and Sheri as they offer key perspectives & practical tools to help you parenting and maintain connection with your children of all ages, by way of 8 classes.

Community Interaction

Get access to our Life Academy Facebook group and talk with others going through the course. Take what you are learning and share with and encourage others as well as be encouraged yourself.

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Priority of Connection

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This Track includes 8 classes:

  • Why Connection is Important
  • Connection with Toddlers
  • Elementary and Middle Schoolers
  • High School Years: Staying Connected
  • Remember Your End Goal
  • Connection Over Conflict
  • Move Toward Connection
  • Building Our Common Family Goals
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