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Let’s Talk About It: Parenting Sexuality

Creating A Culture of Healthy Sexuality In Your Home

There are a lot of places your child can hear about sex. We think the best place is from you.

We believe you are the best person to talk to your kids about sex. We want you to be the one who shapes their view of themselves, God, and their sexuality. We talk about how to answer the difficult questions and how to start a conversation that continues on and ultimately leads them into a healthy, whole life. This e-course features focused content for parents of 2-11 year olds and 12-18 year olds.

Meet Your Instructor…

I always knew God had a plan for other’s lives, but never felt God could
 use me. I struggled with learning disabilities throughout my school years,
 which caused me to have great insecurity about my value and
 worth. It wasn’t until the age of 17, as I was sitting in a car with friends on my way to a party, when I heard the voice of God speak to my heart, “There is more to life than this! I have called you. Come follow me.” I spoke out in that moment, telling those in the car that I had a call on my life and they were welcome to come with me, but I was going to serve God.
I remember walking into our house when I got home, kneeling by my bed and saying these simple words, “God, I’m not much. I’m young, I’m a girl with no special gifting. But if You can use anyone, You can use me.” Now, thinking back to that day, it makes me laugh how I’d hoped the heavens would have opened up, with angels descending and ascending on a heavenly ladder – that didn’t happen and I didn’t need it to. God heard my cry and He was at work to accomplish His perfect will in my life.
By 19, my twin sister Deborah and I were traveling all over California preaching, teaching and singing at any place that would have us. By 21, we had been in seven different states and Mexico teaching about Jesus and His great plan for this generation!
I believe today is the Church’s finest hour, if we choose to live with passion, purpose and walk in power. I’m passionate about seeing individuals encounter God in a real way and seek to blow the lid off common misconceptions, personal limitations and powerless living. My heart and passion is to inspire and challenge others to become all God has designed them to be.

Course Features


Biblical principles that equip your children in many different areas of their lives including sexuality


How to talk to your children at their appropriate age and maturity level


How the science of sex aligns with God’s design for it

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What is included?…

6 Sessions w/Havilah (20-25 min/ea)
Q&A Panel for Children (2-11 yrs old)
Q&A Panel for Teens (12-18 yrs old)
Bonus Interview w/ Havilah + Danny Silk (Teens)
Bonus Interview w/ Brittney Serpell (Toddlers+)
Digital Course Guide
Community Forum
8 Hot Topic Videos (Context Specific Videos)
MP3 Audio of All Main Sessions
Age-Based Development PDFs
Age-Based Recommended Resources PDFs

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Let’s Talk About It: Parenting Sexuality

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This track includes:

  • Creating Healthy Families
  • Raising Your Children with Biblical Principles
  • Structured vs. Spontaneous Moments
  • The Purpose of Sex
  • The Science of Sex
  • Q&A Panels
  • Loving on Purpose Interviews
  • Hot Topic Videos
  • Bonus Material
  • Audio Downloads
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