Relationships 101

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You Don’t Have to Live With Dysfunctional Relationships…

The Relationships 101 eCourse will teach you how to create connected, life giving relationships by using the three core relational practices of boundaries, connection and communication. When you learn to implement these relational practices in ways that show value for yourself and others, you’ll have a healthy, vibrant heart-to-heart connection with your loved ones.

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A Note From Your Instructor…

We all want connected and life-giving relationships—it’s what we were made for. Yet for so many of us, relationships remain one of our greatest areas of struggle and pain.

Thankfully, there is good news. Everyone who chooses to do so can learn the skills required to build healthy relationships with their spouse, children, family members, friends, and colleagues.

Relationships 101 introduces you to three areas of relational practice that form the foundation for every healthy relationship: pursuing connection, communicating effectively, and setting boundaries. Together, we will explore a set of critical tools and skills that will enable you to establish these practices in your life, which include:

– Becoming a powerful person
– Recognizing your relational goals
– Communicating well in conflict
– Managing circles of intimacy
– Setting limits around your priorities
– Keeping your love on no matter what

I’m so glad you have made the powerful choice to get the skills and knowledge you need to build the relationships you want to live in. Get ready for a journey of personal and relational transformation!

Relationships 101

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Lesson 1
Powerful People/Powerful Relationships
Lesson 2
Turn Your Love on
Lesson 3
Exchanging Truth Inside
Lesson 4
Communicating in Conflict
Lesson 5
Levels of Intimacy
Lesson 6
Guidelines for Setting Limits
Lesson 7
Forgiveness from the Heart
Lesson 8
Did You Learn to Love?

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