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If you’re struggling with your prayer life and want to feel more connected to Jesus and strengthen your relationship with the Lord, Questions for Jesus eCourse will revitalize your prayer life. This course will equip you with a biblically based prayer model to start having the conversations with Him that He wants to have with you. What He says could start a whole new chapter in your life!

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A Note From Your Instructor…

A few years back, I made one simple change in the way I pray—and my percentage of answered prayer went up about 1000%.

After thirty-five years as a Christian, twenty-five as a ministry leader, and fifteen coaching pastors about how to meet God in difficult circumstances (irony alert!), I was still asking Him all the wrong questions. When I finally figured out how to change the subject to what He wanted to talk about, it was like our communication went from snail mail to instant messaging—and got way more intimate and revelatory in the process. The Questions for Jesus approach is about making that change of subject. It moves us from praying about the business of the Christian life to talking with Jesus about us—about our relationship.

The key to talking about the relationship instead of the business is asking Jesus to fill your deepest desires. God created us with built-in yearnings for things like love, acceptance, freedom, security, and significance. In our original design, those desires were meant to be filled by relating personally to God as we walked and talked with Him in the garden in the cool of the day. Our desires were designed to be filled within our romance with Him.

So why don’t you give it a try? In this course you will learn many ways of asking Jesus new kinds of questions. Instead of just asking what to do, try asking, “Jesus, what do You like best about me today?” What He says in reply could start a whole new chapter in your life!

The Path from Betrayal to Restoration

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Lesson 1
Influencing Culture
Lesson 2
Laying a Foundation for Culture
Lesson 3
Empowering new People in Your Culture
Lesson 4
Defining Success
Lesson 5
Building Legacy
Lesson 6
Scaling Leadership
Lesson 7
The Practice of Feedback
Lesson 8
Conclusion & Review

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